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Compact Loop Amplifier (For aids with Telecoil)


The Univox is the home loop system that lets hard of hearing people clearly hear in groups, meetings and while listening to the TV or other audio sound systems-even in noisy places! Combined with your telecoil equipped hearing aids, the Univox DLS-50 can help you hear beautiful clear sound again.

The Univox DLS-50 is a compact yet powerful loop amplifier for areas up to 538 square feet (50m2). It is suitable for loop-installations in cashier offices and information counters. The Univox DLS-50 is developed for maximum power, versatility and ease of use and is equipped with Univox automatic volume control (Dual Action AGC) for a smooth sound experience. The thumb wheel volume control with digits for easily memorized setting of the right field strength level along with bass and treble controls secures pure sound quality. The metal case & effective cooling ensures long lasting problem free use.

Connect the Univox DLS-50 to your TV, stereo, MP3, a microphone or any other sound source that you want to hear clearly. A super sensitive dedicated microphone input with 12V phantom power and signal strength potentiometer, a combined mic/line input and a line input makes it possible to connect your DLS-50 to virtually any sound source you like.

Just place the loop pad on your chair, switch your hearing aids to the T-Coil position and begin to hear crisp clear sound into your hearing aids as you sit on top of the loop pad. That's it!


Oticon Microphone


ConnectLine Microphone makes it easier to listen, participate and interact in difficult, noisy situations.
A conversation partner wears the discreet clip-on microphone that connects wirelessly to your Streamer Pro, allowing your conversation partner’s voice to be heard in the hearing instruments.

Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0


Connectline Phone Adapter 2.0 makes it easier to talk and listen with clarity and ease on your existing (analog) landline home phone. Working with Streamer Pro, Phone Adapter 2.0 transforms your hearing instruments and existing home phone into a wireless hands-free headset, making it easy to answer any incoming call.

Oticon Streamer Pro


Streamer Pro is the heart of ConnectLine. It lets millions of Oticon wearers sync their hearing devices with their iPhone, and all sorts of other Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Streamer Pro does all this without constantly draining your batteries. And it allows you to enjoy the more natural, stereo listening experience that every wireless Oticon hearing aid provides.

Oticon TV Adapter


ConnectLine TV lets you keep up with the action, drama or comedy on TV with the volume set at your preferred level through the hearing instruments. Everyone can listen at a level that is comfortable for them.

Rexton Blu RCU Remote


The cutting-edge technology of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity will transform the way you hear the sounds of life. The optional Blu RCU not only controls hearing aid functions, but also allows our digital hearing instruments to stream high-quality, stereo sound from many popular audio devices such as TVs, mobile phones, MP3 players, and more. Don’t let your hearing problems alter your quality of life.

Rexton eCharger


Improve your hearing without having to bother with all those tiny batteries. Simply place your Pure™ or Motion™ hearing instruments in the eCharger overnight, and within six hours they will be powered up, ready for your busy day ahead. In addition, the eCharger’s Electronic Drying Function protects your hearing instruments from moisture damage ensuring long term reliability.

Rexton Mini Blu RCU


Mini Blu RCU is everything you could want in a wireless accessory – in one ultra-small package. Using Rexton’s Blu Link technology with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it sends sound from the electronic gadgets you can’t live without to both of your hearing aids. The clever little remote can be tucked in a pocket, clipped to clothing or worn around your neck on the included lanyard. Best of all, it juggles 2 connections at once so you can easily switch between listening to your TV and laptop computer.

Rexton Pro Pocket


An easy to use, simple remote control that allows you to adjust the volume or program settings of your hearing aids.

Rexton Smart Pocket


A small, easy-to-use remote control with a display screen makes it easy for you to control your hearing aids with the touch of a button. You can control volume, programs, and turn your hearing aids on and off – as well as many other customizable functions. You can even set a daily alarm clock to remind yourself of important events!

Signia Easy Pocket


With our sleek, simple easyPocket™ remote control, all the options your hearing solution has to offer are placed at your fingertips. Large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display make accessing the features of your hearing instruments easier than ever before.

Signia eCharger


With Signia’s optional charging unit, there is no more worry about dying hearing aid batteries or losing power at inconvenient times. Similar to charging a mobile phone, the instruments are ready to run all day after a six-hour charge overnight. For added convenience, many of our BTE’s are also compatible with standard batteries. The charger also includes a drying function that removes harmful moisture from the hearing aids, improving long term reliability and performance. Eliminate daily hearing aid battery hassles and try our worry-free charger.

Signia Mini Tek


miniTek™ is everything you want from a wireless solution and more. It is an automatic streamer. An intuitive remote control. It syncs all your high-tech gadgets with your hearing instruments, and connects you to multiple devices simultaneously. miniTek is your link to the richest listening experience possible. At the touch of a button.

TV Ears



The 5.0 Analog is the most affordable voice clarifying headset system. This TV listening system actively clarifies and amplifies speech and dialog while lowering background noise so you can actually hear what’s going on. No more rewinding parts of the movie or asking the person next to you what was just said. You’ll hear every word.

The 5.0 Analog also allows you to listen to your television without turning up the volume on the TV. This gives other people in the room the ability to watch TV with you while you listen at your own volume. Simply connect the transmitter to your TV, cable box, or satellite box equipped with analog audio out ports and you’re ready to go. For our most basic wireless TV listening device, the 5.0 Analog makes TV listening enjoyable again.

How It Works

The transmitter is placed on a flat surface facing the seating area and is connected to the audio out port on the back of the television, satellite or cable box. The transmitter then sends audio wirelessly to the headset worn by the user. Volume and tone adjustments are available on the headset for creating perfect dialog clarity.  TV Ears works separately from the TV volume (so the TV can be turned down or muted) and is compatible with any television.

Technical Data

Transmission Type Infrared, Mono
Audio Frequency Response 20 – 20,000 Hz
Transmission Frequency 2.3 MHz
Max SPL 125 dB
Headset Dimensions (H x W x D) 8″ x 5.4375″ x 0.6875″
Transmitter Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.4″ x 4.12″ x 3.625″

Package Contents

  • 5.0 Headset (wireless and rechargeable)
  • 5.0 Analog Transmitter (holds and charges 2 headsets)
  • Rechargeable battery (comes pre-installed in the headset)
  • Auxiliary Audio Cord
  • Analog Audio Cord
  • Power Supply
  • Additional headsets can be purchased separately

Widex FM-DEX


FM+DEX converts signals from an FM receiver, telecoil or line in and streams them to the Widex wireless hearing aids

Widex M-DEX


M-DEX offers wireless connectivity between hearing aids and a mobile phone, practically turning the hearing aids into wireless headsets