Siemens 301 Eclipse XCL (For mild to moderate loss)


Hearing Aid Styles Available: IIC

Eclipse™ puts the most advanced hearing technology exactly where it belongs—out of sight. It’s tiny in size, almost invisible, and delivers excellent sound quality and comfort. Eliminates the muffled effect typical of other in-the-ear hearing aids. Our most sophisticated device, Eclipse is the ultimate in discreet hearing aids.


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Hearing Aid Styles Available: IICIC


  • Channels: 8
  • Programs: 1
  • Adaptive Directionality: NO
  • Auto Program Switching: NO
  • Bluetooth Compatible: NO
  • Feedback Suppression: YES
  • FM Integration: NO
  • Remote Control: NO
  • Speech Enhancement: YES
  • Toggle/Button Control: NO
  • Transient Impulse Control: YES
  • Frequency Lowering: NO
  • Telecoil: NO
  • Tinnitus Masker: NO
  • Digital Noise Reduction: YES
  • Directional Microphone: NO
  • Direct Audio Input: NO


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