Oticon Ria2 (For mild to severe loss)


Hearing Aid Styles Available: BTE, CIC, ITE, ITC, OF, RIC.

Better hearing is essential to living the life you want. Oticon Ria provides all the essentials you need for better hearing – at an affordable price. Small and discreet, Ria delivers exclusive audiological features not typically found in this level of technology. You’ll experience excellent sound quality so you can more clearly hear and understand conversation and other everyday sounds, even in the most difficult listening situations. You’ll be able to focus more easily on what you want to hear without worrying about interruptions caused by distorted sounds or whistling.

And because Ria can be personalized for the way you need and like to hear, you’ll be able to interact more naturally and comfortably throughout the day. The combination of personalized performance with excellent sound quality provides the essentials needed for a more satisfying listening experience.

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