Signia Micon Nitro 7


Hearing Aid Styles: BTE, ITE, IIC, CIC

The Signia Micon is designed to connect directly with iPhone and Android devices. The BestSound™ enables the wearer to forget they are hearing through a hearing instrument. With Micon’s natural sound and sophisticated, personalized functions wearers experience the joy of hearing effortlessly in any soundscape.

Nitro features:

  • Directional microphones that focus sound to help you concentrate on your conversation partner*
  • Tinnitus noiser manages tinnitus and improves hearing at the same time.
  • Nitro’s feedback canceller ensures whistle-free wear
  • Vent for optimal ear ventilation
  • e2e wireless™ 2.0 allows for synchronization between instruments and connection to electronic devices, including those with Bluetooth® wireless technology
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