Signia Primax 5 Motion


Hearing Aid Styles: BTE, OF

Motion SX and SA Primax.

Sleek. Rechargeable. Effortless.
With their sleek, robust BTE design, the Motion® SX and SA Primax™ models offer wearers maximum comfort and convenience. There’s a model to suit almost every hearing loss requirement. Easy to adjust and control, they are packed with functionality that lets wearers hear with ease all day long.

Motion SX and SA Primax in detail:
Full-featured, with directional microphones for true binaural hearing, Motion SX and SA Primax are fitted with the ultra-slim ThinTube for maximum discretion and improved directional hearing. Motion SX Primax models have a rechargeable battery, while SA models can be equipped with an optional battery compartment for direct audio input via an integrated audio shoe.

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